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BACnet International Announces New Course on The BACnet Institute

BACnet International announces the launch of its newest online course titled BACnet Device Profiles.

BACnet International announces the launch of its newest online course titled BACnet Device Profiles.

BACnet International is excited to announce the launch of its newest online course titled BACnet Device Profiles. This course explains the various BACnet device profiles and how the profiles can be effectively used to ensure the successful specification of BACnet in a Building Automation System (BAS) implementation. The course can be accessed on The BACnet Institute (TBI) online learning site, which provides free educational resources to assist the understanding and successful implementation of the BACnet protocol. As with all courses on TBI,Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded upon its completion.

In this new course, the purpose of each BACnet Device Profile is defined, explaining the role each plays in the context of building automation and how the profiles can be effectively combined in a specification to ensure the functionality required is achieved. While the course is geared toward specifiers, end users and integrators, other professionals in the building automation industry are encouraged to take it as well to broaden their understanding of the BACnet protocol, the specification process, and building automation.

The following are the learning objectives defined for the course:

  • Explain why Device Profiles are an important element in specifying a BACnet device.
  • Describe the basic concepts of BACnet Building Blocks (BIBBs) and how they relate to Device Profiles.
  • Recognize the name and identify the purpose of all BACnet Device Profiles.
  • Define the ways in which different profiles can be combined in a single device.
  • Explain why selecting a Device Profile may not be sufficient to fully specify the BACnet device required in a specific application.
  • Recognize and specify valid BACnet Device Profiles.

“The BACnet standard has been extended significantly over the past few years, which has extended the number of device profiles as well,” stated Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International. “So, understanding the device profiles, new and old, and how they fit in relation to the requirements of buildings is very important.”

Visit The BACnet Institute to access these courses as well as many other BACnet-related resources, including articles from various industry publications, lectures from leading industry events, and a knowledge sharing forum. Site registration, which grants access to all of TBI resources, is free.

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