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Cambria CEO Leads Campaign to Safely Get Back to Work

Natural quartz surface producer Cambria unveiled strict new safety guidelines that will help teams get back to work sooner rather than later.


In the post COVID-19 world, temperature taking before admittance to work, school, restaurants, shops and events will likely become the norm.

Le Sueur, MN-based natural quartz surface producer Cambria CEO and president Marty Davis remains a first-mover, unveiling strict new safety guidelines that will help his teams get back to work sooner rather than later.

Cambria just implemented a no-touch, state-of-the-art thermal temperature reading system at its essential facilities in rural Minnesota to help ensure a safe and secure environment for its employees.

Using a body temperature detection network camera, workers line up single file, six-feet apart, and walk through the station to have their daily temperature read before being admitted into the one million-square-foot processing and fabrication facilities.

As long as workers have a temperature reading of 99 degrees or below, they can enter; otherwise, they move to another station for further testing. Workers are also required to practice space discipline and to sign contracts ensuring they will stay home if they or someone in their home is sick.

The technology does not record people’s private information, is re-calibrated daily and is incredibly accurate.  In the past, when people were symptomatic they would still come to work.  With this thermal technology in place, employees are less likely to show up for work sick when they know they will be caught — this system stops that from happening.

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