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Chicago Aquarium Goes Green

Sloan fixtures extend the facility’s brand while conserving water and energy.

On Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore, the Shedd Aquarium is a popular location for locals and visitors. Restroom products from Sloan help meet efficiency and durability.

Welcoming almost 2-million guests each year, the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, is not only home to 32,000 animals, but also a popular location for local business meetings and events. Devoted to its vision of a world thriving with aquatic life, sustained by people who love, understand, and protect it, the Shedd is a leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of aquatic wildlife across the world. The aquarium, located along the banks of Lake Michigan, is working to set the standard for conserving water and energy in an effort to restore the health of the Great Lakes.

When the Chicago institution required an upgrade to its commercial restrooms, it turned to another leader in water conservation, calling on Franklin Park, IL-based Sloan’s 111 years of expertise to deliver reliable and durable products. Sloan was tasked with providing fixtures that would do more than just stand the test of time, but also extend the facility’s brand where it had never been before—its restrooms.

Going Green

The aquarium met its water efficiency and durability objectives head on, in part by installing Uppercut retrofit handles to complement all of its 80 flushometers throughout the facility. Designed to reduce water volume by as much as 30%, the flushometer, recognizable for its green handle, provides two flush options. Pushing the handle down for a full flush (1.6 gpf) or lifting the handle up for a reduced flush (1.1 gpf) helps the Shedd continue its mission toward water conservation. Busy weekends often see as many as 10,000 people going in and out of the aquarium’s restrooms, and the Uppercut retrofit kits are equipped with two metal wall plates to educate users about the product’s water-conservation abilities.

The Shedd Aquarium’s brand and logo have become recognizable throughout Chicago for decades due to its longstanding commitment to the community. By implementing Sloan’s custom feature to engrave its brand on the crown of its 42 new BASYS faucets, Shedd added an increased level of visibility to differentiate its 87-yr. brand. The polished-chrome faucets now bring a luxurious and elegant aesthetic to its restrooms, while also meeting sustainability demands with various flow rates, integral water supply shut off, and Sleep Mode settings.

The Shedd Aquarium’s brand and logo are recognizable throughout Chicago.

Said Dan Zerinskas, an aquarium representative, “We needed a product that was reliable and easy to maintain. Sloan offered a solution that not only met the demands of use, but also improved the style and customization of our restrooms.”

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