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The Dance Begins

With this issue you are discovering a very different Commercial Architecture magazine. What was a products and projects tabloid, is now focused on the next generation of talent within architecture and owning/developing commercial buildings.

commARCH is the new domain, and so will it be our brand. It starts with a renewed focus on you, our readers. Our purpose is to serve your needs. To provide content that will inform you, inspire you, and even on occasion, entertain you. And to offer that content in ways that reflect the ways people actually get information.

September/October 2019

Deciding what commARCH should be, and how it should work for you, was no small undertaking. We took a lot into consideration, primarily your feedback, as well as our own ideas and intuition about what a media company can and should be.

First, commARCH is designed to be a warehouse of content that will grow in value, every day. Our intention is to provide information that will help you in your work. Every day. Second, we aim to deploy the newest technologies and platforms to ensure content is provided in the best formats and on your platforms of choice.

As you read through this relaunch issue, you will discover less text than before. We intend to use print for what it does best — engaging your senses with stunning photography and just the right amount of text. Then offer a path for you to gain more insights on the stories that matter to you through the website, social media platforms, digital media, e-learning, events, and other platforms that haven’t even been thought of yet.

The magazine will be published six times a year with two special issues. Our digital channels, especially our website, will always be on, updated constantly and, of course, at your fingertips.

Of you, our audience, we only ask one thing. Please engage with us when you receive regular surveys, emails and calls. We know our best work is always ahead of us, and these are the tools we use to continually get better. Not a moment of your time will be consciously wasted as this is about the audience and not about commARCH.

Many thanks to all who have supported this effort. We are out to do the most meaningful work we can as a team and individuals. Today, our dancing together begins, tomorrow it refines, as it continues to evolve with curiosity, codependence, a passionate love of the built environment.


May/June 2020 Digital Issue

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