JAPAN HOUSE, Los Angeles Contest

JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, a Japanese cultural destination in the heart of Hollywood – together with Sou Fujimoto Architects – invite aspiring architects, designers, and artistic people to participate in the #TinyArchitect – Architecture is Everywhere social media contest. 


Inspired by internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and his whimsical Architecture is Everywhere series – the contest challenges participants to create their own Fujimoto-Esque, miniature models using everyday items and figurines.  


Sou Fujimoto himself will judge the winning entries. Named Wall Street Journal’s 2014 Architecture Innovator of the Year, Fujimoto has designed buildings around the world since establishing his atelier in 2000. "‘Architecture is Everywhere’ means that you can imagine architectural spaces everywhere when you put the people inside or outside using unexpected daily stuff,” said Fujimoto.  


To enter, contestants submit images through the JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles FacebookInstagram, or Twitter pages. The top three winners will receive a personal, congratulatory video message from Fujimoto. The 1st place winner’s photograph will be turned into a short-animated video. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a poster in digital format. 


“This contest epitomizes the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in ordinary objects and being mindful of our surroundings as we go about our daily lives,” said Yuko Kaifu, president, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles. 


For the complete official rules, including detailed entry instructions and prize details, visit  

Event Date(s):

• Thursday, November 5

Event Time: time TBA

Event Place: Online

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