Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Webinar Series on Retrofitting Concrete and Masonry Buildings

Simpson Strong-Tie, a leader in engineered structural product lines and innovative testing, announced the launch of the Strong Retrofit webinar series designed to educate engineers, structural designers, architects, and building owners about the different solutions available for retrofitting unreinforced masonry (URM), CMU and concrete structures for improved performance against seismic forces. Each webinar highlights relevant design considerations from IEBC, HBC, or ASCE 41, and features additional topics, new research, takeaways, industry design guides, and other tools to make retrofit projects easier and more effective.
Earthquakes pose a major threat to buildings that have not been engineered to current codes and standards. Retrofitting these structures is critically important for minimizing risks to life, as well as to help prevent costly property losses and business disruptions that disasters can cause when a structure doesn’t conform to the most modern codes.

The four-webinar series launches on September 9, and attendees are welcome to register for any or all of the programs by clicking the links below:
Thursday, September 9
Unreinforced Masonry Building Retrofit Using Adhesive Anchorage, Shotcrete, and Helical Ties
Presenter: Wendy Allen, P.E., Field Engineering Manager

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Thursday, September 16
Unreinforced Masonry Building Retrofit Using Connectors, Fasteners and Strong Frame [®️] Moment Frames 
Presenter: Phillip Hui, P.E., Branch Engineer

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Thursday, September 30
Concrete, CMU, and URM Building Retrofit: FRP Design Basics for Gravity and Lateral Forces
Presenter: Sarah Outzen, P.E., CSS Field Engineer

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Thursday, October 7
Concrete Building Seismic Retrofit Using FRP
Presenter: Aniket Borwankar, Development Manager, CSS 

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Event Date(s):

• Friday, October 1

• Friday, October 8

• Friday, September 17

Event Time: noon to 1:15 a.m.

Event Place: Online Webinar

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