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November 26, 2019 - by commARCH

The University of Montana Will Be The Site Of The $6 Million Montana Museum Of Art

The University of Montana is planning the construction of the Montana Museum of Art at its campus in Missoula, Montana. The 11,500 square-foot facility is expected to cost $6 million. The project will be funded entirely from private donations. The building is expected to begin operations by fiscal year 2023. 

PREH Paseo Verde Purchases Mixed-Use Office Space For $19 Million

A 3-story, 400,000 square-foot, mixed-use office space has traded hands from its current holder, Pacific Oak SOR II, to a new owner, PREH Paseo Verde, for a price of $19 million. The building was constructed as part of a greater project, known as The District, which includes 50 retail shops and restaurants as well as 88 lofts and condos. 

195,000 SF Of Retail Space In Greenfield, Wis Sold For $34.5 Million

84 stores in Greenfield, Wi have been sold to a local investor for $34.5 million. The stores comprise of a total of 195,000 square-feet of retail space. The selling party, Cobalt Partners LLC, is expected to use the proceeds from the sale to fund their pipeline of other mixed-use developments in and around Milwaukee.

Developers Considering New 129,000 SF Office Space in Rogers, AR

Hunt Ventures, a development company based out of Rogers, AR, have indicated that they’re interested in constructing a 129,000 square-foot office building in their home city. The new building would include a fitness center, a restaurant, and parking for employees. While the costs are currently unknown, Hunt Ventures hopes it could complete construction by 2021. 

Grand Rapids, MI To Be Site Of New $85 Million Medical Research Center

Construction is slated to begin soon on the Doug Meijer Innovation Building, a $85 million medical research center that will be built adjacent to MSU’s Grand Rapids Research Center in Grand Rapids, MI. Once completed, the 6-story, 250,000 square-foot building will house clients focused on bringing to market discoveries in cancer research, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s treatment, AI, and medical device development. The center is expected to open in October 2021.

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