Project Update: Office Building Completed in Chicago

December 07, 2020
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Project Update: Office Building Completed in Chicago

Photo Credit: Parkside Realty Inc.


Construction has wrapped up on Fulton East, which its developer describes as the first post-COVID-19 office building

Where is this happening?
Fulton Market neighborhood, Chicago, Ill.

Who is involved?
Developers: Parkside Realty Inc.
Designers: Clayco / Lamar Johnson Collaborative
When is this happening?
Construction has wrapped.
Why is this important?

According to the building’s developer, it combines “biophilic design elements, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and multiple outdoor workspaces – all proven to improve wellness – with cutting edge, post COVID-19, healthy-building technology”.

Key aspects?
World’s first new-construction installation of a hands-free elevator system
airPHX non,thermal plasma technology throughout the building to reduce cross-contamination risks
Washrooms built to enhance social distancing
Only three columns on each floor to enable flexibility in office design and promote social distancing
Rooftop garden park
Project specs?
12-stories tall
90,000 square-feet of space