Versteel Brings New GeoMetrix Table Collection

Versteel Brings Elemental Modern Design to New GeoMetrix Table Collection

December 08, 2020
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According to Versteel, they are bringing elegant modernity, limitless configurability, and sleek, hygenic materiality to chic geometric shapes, Versteel's latest collection of occasional tables, GeoMetrix, seamlessly merges minimalist design and everyday practicality. 

What Is It? 
Conceived by the Versteel design team as a solution that can conform to any space and be reconfigured on the fly to meet changing needs, GeoMetrix brings a fresh perspective to the furniture maker’s signature versatility.

Why Is It Important? 

GeoMetrix represents a smart, timely, and forward-looking design choice. Corian, a sustainable material that is low-VOC emitting and LEED and WELL building standard compatible, offers a smooth, non-porous surface that has been shown to inhibit microbial growth and is safe and sterile enough for healthcare and hospitality applications. 

What are the Applications? 
Suitable for a wide range of uses, GeoMetrix exponentially increases its versatility with additional power options, including the wireless V Charge or a Bluetooth speaker, pushing these pieces to next-level practicality. Those thoughtful details and Versteel’s commitment to quality mean these pieces will deliver hardworking longevity in any environment — while their scale, mobility, and variety of shapes create a sense of play. With GeoMetrixVersteel clients can create a clean-lined design that is always sophisticated, but never static. 

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