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Marley Engineered Products Secures Gold in 2020 CSE Product of the Year Awards

December 10, 2020
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Photo Credit: Marley Engineered Products

Photo Credit: Marley Engineered Products

Source: ICWA

Marley Engineered Products has announced that its THX™Series In-Floor Convector was awarded Gold in the HVAC/R Systems & Equipment category at the 2020 CSE Product of the Year Awards.

What is the product that was awarded?

The THX™ Series In-Floor convection perimeter trench heater supplies supplemental heat against the curtain walls and glazing of a building. It sports  a zero-vertical profile that provides zero visual disruptions while preserving the building’s heat envelope. 

Why was the award given?

The award was given to the THX series in recognition of its utility, superior design and engineering quality, and versatility.

How was this decision made?

A panel of highly-qualified engineers and building professionals selected the gold, silver, and bronze winners from finalists in 11 categories.

What does the firm have to say about the award?

“To have the THX™ Series In-Floor Convector recognized as one of the best products of 2020 and receive such a prestigious award selected by our peers who work with and install our products, is a true honor.” (Andrew Martin, Product Manager for Marley Engineered Products, ICWA)

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