Pulp Studio Expands Architectural Glass Product Offerings

Superior Technology and Design Provides Commercial Architects with Multiple Options for Use

December 10, 2020
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Pulp Studio, the leading designers and manufacturers of technically superior decorative glass for commercial markets has added to its rich catalog of architectural glass with the introduction of DermaGlass, a highly durable, light w-weight glass strong enough for exteriors and facades, as well as interiors. 

What Is It?
DermaGlass is only 1.3mm in thickness, yet is as durable and damage resistant as more traditional thicker heat-treated glass. 

Why Is It Important?
Using an ion-exchange process, DermaGlass is highly resilient and extremely versatile. Due to its thin profile, it can be used by designers to bend glass around columns or into decorative shapes. 

What are the Applications?
Available in sizes up to 58" x 118" DermaGlass can be used with Pintura back-painted coat or laminated with graphic interlayers. The glass can be also produced with a honeycombed core for additional safety. DermaGlass panels fit together seamlessly, providing architects with the perfect solution for architectural glass. 


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