New Peerless Venue Luminaire for Open Ceilings

Suspended luminaire family delivers uniform illumination within curved aesthetic

December 30, 2020
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Peerlessan Acuity Brands company, today announced the release of its Peerless Venue suspended luminaires. The new family of luminaires has been designed specifically for open ceilings. 

What Is It?
Offering both visual comfort and uniform illumination in spaces with deconstructed ceilings, Peerless Venue luminaires bring a unique look and feel to environments. The luminaires are available in rectangular and square shapes, each in either a convex or concave curvature. 

Why Is It Important?
As direct/indirect luminaires, Peerless Venue delivers direct light distribution through a dual optical system that creates uniformity across the lens. Indirect optics are recessed along the top of the fixture, distributing light evenly across a ceiling plane.

What are the Applications?

Networked lighting control is available when Peerless Venue luminaires are specified with nLight® wired controls, which use standard CAT-5e cables, an occupancy sensor, and wall stations.  

Made from a one-piece, thermoformed automotive-grade polymer housing, Peerless Venue luminaires are available in black, white, painted aluminum, or a range of custom colors.  


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