Sloan Aligns with Modus Systems

November 11, 2020
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Sloan Aligns with Modus Systems


According to 
Sloan, they have partnered with Modus Systems, LLC to become the exclusive North American go-to-market partner for all Tooshlight products. Tooshlights communicates restroom stall occupancy to provide an enhanced user experience along with insight and data for facility managers

What Is It? 

Each Tooshlights kit includes an indicator light, mount, and a smart latch or deadbolt. Indicator lights change colors to indicate stall availability and can be mounted in a variety of options directly above restroom stalls.

Why Is It Important? 

Tooshlights are strategically designed to increase restroom efficiency. They decrease the time spent searching for open stalls while increasing privacy by eliminating under-door peaking. Additionally, the system helps to optimize health and wellness by mitigating crowding and minimizes the need to touch doors to see if the stall is available.

What are the applications? 

Tooshlights offers a range of stylish and durable design options that meet the needs of any high-traffic restroom environment, from airports, theaters, and stadiums to restaurants and office buildings. Modus Systems Software subscription enables maintenance teams and building owners to see stall usage, track how long each stall is occupied, generate reports that track daily, weekly, and monthly data per stall and per restroom, and receive alerts when a stall has been occupied for a set length of time.

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