Armstrong Ceilings Launches ProjectWorks

November 18, 2020
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According to Armstrong Ceiling & Solutions, The new ProjectWorks Design & Pre-Construction Service is streamlining the design, quoting, ordering, and installation process for its DesignFlex and MetalWorks Torsion Spring Shapes ceiling systems.

What Is It?

The free service, which starts with the customer submission of a Project RCP file, offers a complete design to an installation work package, including ceiling design and visualization, to takeoffs and quoting, through installation. 

Why Is It Important? 

ProjectWorks Design and Pre-Construction Service offers architects and designers quick turnaround time for their designs; lighting and HVAC integration with components from Armstrong marketing partner companies; automated drawing details for suspension systems and accessories; custom color application for panels, suspension systems, and perimeter trims; and budget material pricing. 

What are the applications? 

ProjectWorks saves architects and designers time during the design development process for their DesignFlex and MetalWorks Torsion Spring Shapes projects – and speeds up the process for the contractor as well -- by providing an overall RCP dimensioned layout of the ceiling materials in the space; a color plan layout for ease of visualization when using multiple colors; a panel schedule showing exactly where each panel is installed; a suspension schedule calling out each standard tee and main beam location; a hub schedule showing grid intersections, clips, and perimeter installation details; and a contractor quote with complete bill of materials during the pre-construction phase. 

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