Eureka Launches New Mill Family of Sound Absorbing Luminaires

November 18, 2020
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Photo credit: Mark Hollerson

Photo credit: Mark Hollerson

According to Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, announced the release of its Mill luminaire.

What Is It? 

Mill is a range of acoustic luminaires designed to absorb sound and reduce ambient noise in modern spaces with high ceilings or hard surfaces. 

Why Is It Important?

Fifteen felt blades create a cylindrical shape, which traps and absorbs sound within the luminaire’s hollow column. When sound waves encounter the felt fibers, the fibers’ slight movement absorbs a portion of the waves. The PET material, which is composed of at least 40% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, has a tested Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.75 (NRC). 

What are the Applications?

With a common diameter of 14.45”, the luminaires are available in heights of 14”, 25”, and 35”. Fixtures can be suspended or ceiling surface-mounted, depending on space needs. Specifiers can choose mounting, size and color options, to create a soft, original aesthetic that enhances a room’s functionality. 


Mill offers powerful and evenly diffused downlight in three available outputs, and a frosted acrylic lens contributes to superior light transmission. Suspended luminaires are available with an optional second light source for excellent uplight performance. Both light sources in a fixture can be dimmed independently. 

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