Architects Relocate New York City Office

November 19, 2020
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Photo Credit: MBH Architects

Photo Credit: MBH Architects

Source: MBH Architects

A New York City-based architecture office has relocated its headquarters to a historic building in Manhattan.

Who is involved?
MBH Architects

Where is this happening?
Tribeca neighborhood, Manhattan, New York City

What is this new building like?
The 95-year-old building is located deep in the heart of the historic neighborhood and is within walking distance to numerous coffee shops, restaurants, and transportation stops.

Has the firm made any adjustments?
The team has opted to craft an open floor plan sporting a minimalist design with space for 30 individual workstations, a conference room, a communal kitchen, a library, and a wellness room.

How is the new space COVID compliant?
MBH will require face coverings at all times within the office, and stringent cleaning practices will be employed in conjunction with other policies and procedures as recommended by the city.

Why is this important?
The new building is supposed to be reflective of MBH’s vision for the future, which sees it expanding its portfolio and East Coast presence.

What does the firm have to say about this new space?
“This is an exciting new chapter for the New York team,” says Helen Herrick, Director at MBH Architects.” We look forward to better serving our impressive roster of existing clients as well as burgeoning new business in the Tri-State area.”

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