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Fujitsu Announces New Director of Sales, VRF Products

November 20, 2020
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Photo Credit: Fujitsu

Photo Credit: Fujitsu

Fujitsu General America, Inc. announced the promotion of a new Director of Sales for its VRF Products category.

Who is involved?
Derrick Paul

Where is this happening?
Pine Brook, N.J.
What experience do they have?’
Paul brings more than 10 years of sales experience within the HVAC industry, having been an integral component of Fujitsu’s Airstage VRF product line launch in 2012

What are their qualifications?
Paul possesses a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.
What will their new role entail?
In this new role, Paul will: lead the sales efforts of Fujitsu General America’s Airstage VRF systems throughout North America; oversee a team of sales engineers; and establish short- and long-term strategies to increase sales revenue and market share.
What did the firm have to say about their new hire?
“We look forward to Derrick’s leadership to navigate our growth of VRF business in North America.” (Dennis Stinson, VP of Sales at Fujitsu General America, Fujitsu)

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