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YKK AP America Inc Announces New EVP of Erie Architectural Products Group

November 20, 2020
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YKK AP America has announced the elevation of a new executive vice president and general manager of subsidiary, Erie Architectural Products Group (Erie AP).

Who is involved?
Ramsey Fadel

What is their experience?
Fadel brings more than 25 years of strategic leadership experience within the manufacturing industry. He most recently served as vice president of manufacturing operations for Erie AP where he successfully improved manufacturing processes and workflows to drive success and improve the company’s product business.
What are their qualifications?

Prior to joining Erie AP, Fadel was the leader of plant operations, maintenance, staff functions, and resources for Hydro Extrusion Canada. Before that, he led all sales and manufacturing processes for Can Art Aluminium Extrusion Inc. for 13 years.
What does their new role entail?
In their new role, Fadel will oversee all day-to-day operations for Erie AP.
What does the firm have to say about this promotion?
“Fadel is a competent and collaborative leader who has excelled at strategic leadership and execution. In addition to his in-depth experience, his customer and employee-centric philosophies make him well-positioned to lead Erie AP into this next phase of growth,” said Oliver Stepe, President of YKK AP America, Inc.

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