New Project: Logistics Center in New York

November 21, 2020
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City officials of a small town in southern New York cut the ribbon on a new logistics center.

Where is this happening?
Montgomery, N.Y.

Who is involved?

Developer: Stewart Holdings Group
Designer: Anderson Design Group

Why is it important?
Besides the prospect of attracting a number of high-paying jobs to the area, local officials were eager to lend their support to this project, as they believe that “in a time where the economy is uncertain, [it] is a strong signal that the Town of Montgomery is open for business.” (Conor Eckert, Executive Director of the Town of Montgomery Industrial Development Agency, MSG PR Web)

Key Aspects?

  • State-of-the-art conference room and showroom

  • Motorized loading docs

  • Powered roll up doors

  • Five-ton overhead bridge crane

  • One hour away from New York City

Project Specs?

  • Two-stories tall

  • 71,643 square-feet of warehouse space

  • 17,117 square-feet of office space

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