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Bobrick Washroom Equipment Announces Corporate Leadership Shift

November 22, 2020
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Mark Louchheim

Mark Louchheim

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. has announced a few significant changes to their leadership structure.

Where is this happening?

North Hollywood, Calif.

Who is changing roles?

Mark Louchheim, the company’s President, will transition to Chairman and CEO

Matthew Louchheim, the company’s Vice President of Corporate Development and General Manager of Toilet Partitions, will transition to the role of President

Brendan Cherry, currently Vice President of Sales, will assume the role of President in their Koala Kare Products

Why are they changing roles?

This leadership transition was a planned-for event long in the making, and is viewed by the company as strategically sound.

What are their qualifications?

Mark Louchheim expanded market segments, developed North American manufacturing capabilities, made substantial investments in product research, and spearheaded multiple pivotal acquisitions

At Bobrick, Matthew Louchheim led the development of a premium toilet cubicles brand, served as the National Architectural Sales Manager, and oversaw the integration of a recently-acquired firm.

What do the employees have to say about their new roles?

“It has been a privilege to lead Bobrick for the past 29 years.I am grateful to our employees, customers and partners for their dedication in growing and evolving our business.” (Mark Louchheim, Chairman and CEO of Bobrick)

“I am thrilled to lead this incredible, historic company,” (Matthew Louccheim, President of Bobrick)

Matthew Louchheim


Brendan Cherry


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