New Project: Industrial Development in Ohio

November 24, 2020
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Source: CP Executive

Developers will soon begin their $100 million redevelopment of a former General Motors plant into industrial and manufacturing space.

Where is this happening?
Ontario, Ohio

Who is involved?
Developers: Industrial Commercial Properties LLC

When is this happening?
The developers hope to have their first tenants move into the commerce park by March of 2021.

Why is it important?
Once complete, the redevelopment will be rebranded as the Ontario Commerce Park; one of the only sites of its size with utilities, power, rail, and highway access in the state of Ohio.

Key aspects?

The first spec building to be developed will have ceilings that are 42-feet high

Details about future buildings are currently unknown

Project specs?

At full build-out, the project will feature more than two million square-feet of manufacturing and distribution space across 270 acres

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