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Page & Turnbull Significantly Expands Leadership Team

November 26, 2020
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Photo Credit: CC Sullivan

Photo Credit: CC Sullivan

Source: CC Sullivan

A Boston-based architectural firm has expanded its leadership team to position the firm for its next phase of growth.

What are the components of the transition?

Jay Turnbull, Cofounder of Page & Turnbull, will step away from his day-to-day management responsibilities to assume the role of President Emeritus, where he will devote his focus to select projects

Christina Dikas, Melisa Gaudreau and Elisa Hernandez Skaggs will each be elevated to the position of Associate Principal.

Why did this transition occur?

According to Ruth Todd, President of Page & Turnbull, the leadership team expanded “to reflect the diversity and multidisciplinary spirit we believe is essential to design excellence today.” (CC Sullivan)

What does the firm have to say about this?

During a virtual reception celebrating the changes, leaders at Page & Turnbull stated: “All these steps exemplify a deepening of our commitment to architecture, design, planning, and preservation that transform the built environment for the better — and we are more excited than ever about the possibilities!” (CC Sullivan)

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