New Project: Mixed-Use Community in Houston

November 27, 2020
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Photo Credit: Lionstone Investments

Photo Credit: Lionstone Investments

Source: Connect.Media

Developers have formed a joint venture to complete work on a new mixed-use development in Houston.

Where is this taking place?

Houston, Texas

Who is involved?

Developer: Hanover Co. / Lionstone Investments / Hanover Company

Designer: Ziegler-Cooper Architects

When is this happening?

The project’s estimated completion date is currently unknown.

Why is it important?

This project is giving the developers the opportunity “to‘ re-mix’ the concept of mixed-use by creating great spaces that integrate entertainment, technology and wellness in a way that meets the needs of today’s workers, residents, shoppers, and visitors”. (Jane Page, CEO of Lionstone Investments, Connect.Media)

Key aspects?

All of the project’s buildings are situated around a central green space

Not much is known about the type of residential or office amenities that will be available

Project specs?

Five towers

1,450 residential units

350,000 square-feet of Class-A office space

100,000 square-feet of retail space

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