New Project: University of North Georgia Proceeding with Expansion

October 23, 2020
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Photo Credit: Gainesville Times

Photo Credit: Gainesville Times

Source: Gainesville Times

The University of North Georgia’s $19 million expansion onto a former community college campus is making good progress.

Where is it happening?
Gainesville, Ga.

Who is Involved?
Developers: Carroll Daniel Construction
Designers: University of North Georgia System

When is it happening?
The renovations are currently underway and are expected to be finished in time for fall 2021.

Why is it important?
The renovations will tailor each building to the academic needs of different departments.

Key Aspects?
Building 20 is being renovated to allow UNG’s information technology department to consolidate beneath a single roof. It will also provide the school’s nursing program with expanded access to hands-on training materials.

The high ceilings of Building 21 are being fitted to facilitate indoor drone flying for the university’s environmental and spatial analysis professional education programs.

Building 24 is being completely redesigned to accommodate the school’s film and digital media students with state-of-the-art acoustics, tiered rooms, and black-painted walls and ceilings.

Project Specs?
Three buildings

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