New Project: Apartment Complex in Connecticut

October 31, 2020
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Photo Credit: Oaktree Development

Photo Credit: Oaktree Development

Source: The Day


Developers are proposing building a new apartment complex in Connecticut that’s been more than a decade in-the-making.

Where is it happening?
New London, Conn.


Who is Involved?
Developer: Oaktree Development
Designer: Unchosen at this time


When is it happening?
The project’s estimated construction timeline has not been discussed yet.

Why is it Important?
City leaders are hoping this project will “add critical mass to the downtown, provid[e] more foot traffic and act[ing] as a catalyst for new businesses and help[ing] sustain existing ones.”

Key Aspects?
Two buildings, with nearly double the amount of units initially proposed back in 2004
Mix of studio, micro, one-, and two-bedroom units
Landscaped courtyard
Pool and pool house
Underground parking

Project Specs?
Both buildings will be five-stories tall
173 residential units

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