3m Introduces New 3m™Di-Noc™Architectural Finishes Collection 2020

September 14, 2020


3M, the science-based technology company, has introduced a whole new world of architectural finishes to its portfolio, enabling users to restyle with an imagination like never before. 


3M™DI-NOC™transforms spaces and objects3M DI-NOC films, each made with a specialized adhesive component, adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces, so they can be used to help solve a wide range of design challenges –from renewing furniture to covering interior and exterior walls, creating interesting architectural focal points. Hotels, offices, or retail are very typical applications. 

New 2020 collection Based on extensive research carried out by architects and designers to capture the latest design trends. This collection adds 180 new patterns, that enrich 3M’s already extensive lineup so that the company’s portfolio now includes more than 1000 finish patterns. 

Ultra-matte technology Combining science with artistry, the new3M DI-NOC collection features an advanced and patented ultra-matte top coating, designed and produced by the 3M Research and Design center in Japan. This unique finish brings projects the most natural look possible, making it almost impossible to distinguish the real material from the DI-NOC pattern. The product comes in a number of exciting new effects, each tailored to the designer’s palette. These include wood grains that look freshly cut from the forest, natural stone patterns with a realistic dimensional appearance, metallic effects, solid colors, rich fabric, and leather looks that are not only boldly vibrant but also a fingerprint and dirt resistant. 

Paola Silva Coronel, a respected architect, and 3M global consultant said: 

As well as being incredibly vibrant and realistic materials, 3M DI-NOC finishes create a great opportunity for new projects: in a global economy that shows difficulties in taking off and where the instant-feedback of social networks demands a constant perfect look, 3M architectural finishes offer an alternative way for refurbishment but also new projects. 

With the DI-NOC collection, stones, metals, leathers, and woods are free from their genuine limits and gain new markets with their lightness, extension, and cost.3M Architectural finishes place back the joy of creativity and the happiness of novelty into designers 'hands. 

For more information about how to maximize interior design possibilities, visit greater design freedom with 3M™DI-NOC™architectural finishes. 

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