London Jewelers Turns to NELSON Worldwide for Revamp of Manhattan Location

April 02, 2021 - by commARCH
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For the revamp of its Americana Manhasset location, London Jewelers turned to award-winning architecture and design firm NELSON Worldwide to create an elegant and timeless design that would allow for the brand to flourish for years to come.


The beloved, family-owned jeweler wanted the renovated space to showcase the London Collection private brand, in addition to iconic brands such as Bvlgari, Chanel, Cartier, David Yurman, and more. The store also needed to accommodate special events, and more intimate, customized shopping experiences.

Why was an updated design needed?

Before the renovation, the jeweler’s private brand was tucked in the back, in a dark room with lowceilings, and minimal visibility. The NELSON team brought the London Collection to life, celebrating its history and elegance, by creating a brighter and more welcoming display.

What was done?

The new London Collection section combines luxurious residential detailing with modern elements and features comfortable lounge seating for elevated consultations. One-of-a-kind custom, framed mirrors double as digital screens, utilizing for product features and storytelling. Mix-branded pieces are showcased near the back, positioned against the wall, to offer a more seamless view of the merchandise, as opposed to being further from view in a traditional case. The round wall displays also allows more merchandise to be displayed at once, offering more variety and options for customers to choose from.

The center focal point of the store is flexible, lounge space meant for shoppers to relax and take their time during a shopping excursion. Furniture is modular and can be rearranged or moved for programming and occasions.

The 4000-square-foot space also features a VIP room for more intimate jewelry consultations and high-end customizations, in addition to a hospitality bar with beverages and refreshments for guests or events. Unique artifacts and hand-selected art pieces selected by the owners are featured throughout, including an antique safe that has been in the family for decades.

Wood flooring and other residential cues bring warmth to the store, differentiating the experience from most other jewelry stores. Straying away from traditional retail design, the store has no in-set carpet, and instead incorporates more modern, lifestyle rugs to keep the residential feel.

Industrial metals and reflective materials and fixtures draw guests’ attention to the merchandise, and statement chandeliers throughout give off a more luxurious feel.

What was the result?

This reimagined London Jewelers location offers a balance between family-owned character and sophisticated elegance. It is a vibrant destination for guests looking for both high-end, brand name jewelry, and carefully curated private brand pieces.

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