TowerHouse Condominium

Undoing the damage of time and water with a suite of Sto solutions

August 06, 2021 - by commARCH
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TowerHouse Condominium

Where did it happen?
Miami Beach, Miami.

Who were involved?
Owner: Rep Lenny Loscalzo

Image Credits: TowerHouse


What was the challenge?
Over the years, time and water infiltration had taken their toll on the once-striking TowerHouse. The once-grand building was looking a little rough around the edges. “It had faced water intrusion problems for the life-span of the building. They’d been doing patching as they went,” said TowerHouse Owner’s Rep Lenny Loscalzo. In 2018, a massive restoration project sought to replace existing stucco on most of the exterior walls which had become delaminated due to water infiltration. Additionally, major structural and waterproofing deficiencies at the intersection of the original concrete slab and concrete masonry block exterior walls needed to be corrected.

What was the solution? 
“There was never any question that we would use Sto products,” explained Loscalzo, “There was water intrusion at every floor. We needed a long-term solution.” After surveying the situation, the Project Engineer, the Project Management firm, and the Contractor, in consultation with Sto Corp., determined a course of action to correct the significant existing problems and restore the TowerHouse facade. A variety of Sto products would be used in conjunction to create a watertight barrier and restore the facade: Sto Watertight Coat with Mesh, Sto Wall Leveler and Patch, Sto RFP with embedded Sto Mesh (Sto Crack Defense) and StoColor Lotusan coating.

What was done? 
The first step was to create a waterproof base coat at the intersection of the slab and CMU walls. This was accomplished with Sto Watertight Coat embedded with Mesh. Once that was done, Sto Wall Leveler and Patch was used to build out the exterior walls and establish a stable base. Next, Powerwall Stucco was applied over the Wall Leveler and Patch. To assure a uniform facade and prevent cracking in the areas that did not require stucco removal, Sto Crack Defense using RFP with embedded Sto Mesh was applied over all the exterior wall surfaces leaving a smooth, paint-ready finish. And that brings us full circle. The final step involved application of StoPrime, followed by the Sto product that had originally won the TowerHouse Condo Association’s trust years before – StoColor Lotusan Coating in white with gray accents.

What was the result? 
“We’ve already faced some severe storms this year,” explained Loscalzo. “And there’s been no problems whatsoever. No water intrusions.” After almost 50 years of leaks, it’s fair to say that making TowerHouse water-tight is a towering achievement.

Image Credits: TowerHouse


When will the project be done?
The project is well underway and scheduled to be complete in 2021

What products were involved?
Sto Watertight Coat with Mesh, Sto Wall Leveler and Patch, Sto RFP with embedded Sto Mesh (Sto Crack Defense) and StoColor Lotusan coating.

About Sto
Sto is an international technology leader in the design and production of innovative building materials tailored to human needs. Our wall systems, coatings and finishes have been the choice of leading architects, engineers and contractors for 61 years, and we are the world’s largest manufacturer of exterior thermal insulation systems, with 35 subsidiaries, more than 5000 employees, and 21 factories operating around the globe. And we offer the widest range of aesthetic possibilities on the most complete collection of building enclosure systems for field built and prefabricated project delivery.

Sto Corp., based in Atlanta, Georgia, produces a broad range of advanced cladding, air moisture barrier and coating systems that deliver energy efficiency and superior aesthetics for building construction, maintenance, and restoration. Sto Corp’s plants are ISO certified for environmental protection and quality control and are strategically located to serve more than 200 distributor shipping locations throughout North and South America. Sto Corp. is committed to developing next-generation building solutions, and the company’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable built environment.

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