Artaic Appoints Kait Paradowski as Design Director

Paradowski Tapped to Further Enhance Artaic’s Commitment to Growth and Innovation in The Design Field

August 10, 2021 - by commARCH
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Artaic Appoints Kait Paradowski as Design Director

Charleston, Massachusetts. 

Who is involved? 
Kait Paradowski, the new Design Director for Artaic. 

When did it happen? 
August 2021. 

Why is it important? 
The timing of Kait’s entrance to the team is kismet, aligning with the brand’s growth and vision for the future, which encompasses the unveiling of Artaic’s just-opened new headquarters in Charlestown, Massachusetts. In her newly established role, Paradowski will serve as the leader and visionary of the brand’s Design Department, overseeing the conception of in-house collections and the design proposal process for new clients.

“Kait brings an exciting and fresh perspective to our design division,” says Ted Acworth, founder and CEO of Artaic. “Her passion for inventive, contemporary design, which has been evident across her past positions in the industry will provide our clients with a highly skilled collaborator that will make their vision a reality. Kait’s role is only the beginning of what comes next for Artaic as a design company.”

What are the key aspects? 
Paradowski joins Artaic from Carnegie Fabrics, where she served as Design Director for contract vertical products including wallcoverings, drapery, and cubicle curtains. With an expertise in innovation and storytelling through art, Paradowski will elevate Artaic’s custom and branded work across project types. Specifically, at Artaic, she will work closely with interior designers and architects throughout the design process to unify the client’s vision with the company’s products. Her role will also include conceptual command of in-house collections, expanding the brand’s existing award-winning offerings, as well as delivering on the custom capabilities for which Artaic is best known.

“I’m looking forward to working with such a talented team to continue to breathe new life into the mosaic art form,” says Paradowski. “Artaic’s core company values align with my own, and I’m dedicated to advancing the company mission. I’m eager to be a part of the growth still to come.”

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