Inpro to Expand Wall Protection Into Production Environments

Inpro has innovated once again to launch a new hygienic wall cladding system targeted for production environments.

February 10, 2021 comm ARCH
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New wall cladding system targets labs, pharma production, clean rooms and commercial food prep.

Image Credits: Inpro Corp


What is the update?

As obsessive protectors of buildings, Inpro has innovated once again to launch a new hygienic wall cladding system targeted for production environments. New Sani-System™ Heavy Duty Wall Protection is comprised of two integrated products: Sani-Base™ Stainless Steel Wall Base, and Sani-Surface™ Hygienic Wall Cladding.

Why is it needed? 

Sani-Base™ Stainless Steel Wall Base- Waterproofing starts with a solid foundation. The patented design of Sani-Base™ makes it the only complete waterproof transition from floor to wall when installed per manufacturer’s instructions. The base is compatible with a variety of flooring types, and is purpose built to eliminate failure points and greatly reduce water infiltration. 

Sani-Surface™ Hygienic Wall Cladding- New industrial-strength, fiberglass-free wall panels offer high impact resistance, are Class A fire rated, and are thermally stable to handle a wide range of temperatures and moisture fluctuations. Field fabrication is sped up because Sani-Surface panels are easily cut and don’t produce the harmful dust associated with fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRP) fabrication. And unlike other more-complex systems, the Sani-Series wall system does not require costly specialty installers.

What are its uses? 

Inpro sees a broad market opportunity with the Sani-Series wall cladding system as it has applications in labs, pharmaceutical production, clean rooms, food processing and commercial kitchens, hospital operating rooms, and restaurants.

Image Credit: Inpro Corp


Why is it important? 

“The game-changing star in this launch is the Sani-Base wall base,” said Mark Alan senior vice president of product management and development for Inpro. “No one else in this product segment has brought a wall base design that offers such a complete waterproofing transition from floor-to wall coupled with the ability to integrate several wall panel materials. We see this system as revolutionary, and it means Inpro can be a single-source material supplier.”

Key Aspects

  • Sani-System wall protection offers tremendous design and material flexibility. Architects and building owners can pair the power of Sani-Base™ with the wall panel option that meets their needs, including Sani-Surface™ Wall Cladding, BioPrism , Solid Surface Wall Cladding, or Stainless Steel Wall Panels.

Where can you get it? 

Visit to buy online and download BIM objects, specs and installation instructions. 

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About Inpro

Founded in 1979, Inpro® is a global provider of high-performance, design-forward architectural products for building professionals. Basked in Muskego, Wisconsin, Inpro makes and services products with an obsessive commitment to protecting buildings and the well-being of the people who use them. Inpro's product categories include door + wall protection, washrooms, expansion joint systems, privacy, elevator protection, architectural signage, and commercial window treatments. Visit for more information.

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