ConTech Lighting's New LED Downlight Offerings

ConTech Expanded its LED Downlight Collection for both commercial and residential lighting.

February 12, 2021
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ConTech Lighting by Leviton announced the expansion of its downlight offering
 with the introduction of three new LED downlight product families: 4” and 6” K Series Residential Downlights, 4” and 6” Commercial Downlights, and 2” Warm Dim Downlights.

K Series

The K Series Residential Downlights are ideal for residential, commercial and retail applications. These recessed luminaires are commonly used for new construction and house remodeling. 

The new 4” and 6” K Series Residential Downlights offer soft-glow optics that mimic traditional incandescent sources, making them the perfect choice for residential, light commercial and retail applications. The color quality of the K Series comes with 90+ CRI and 3-step MacAdam Ellipse Tolerance for color consistency in every room. The 4” K4 Series delivers up to 1,200 lumens while the 6” K6 Series delivers up to 1,600 lumens.

Commercial Downlights

The new 4” and 6” commercial downlights both feature LED Trim Modules that offer flexible solutions for a wide variety of applications plus, they feature an optical diffusion system which helps produce high lumen transmission. The LED Trim Modules also improves illumination and visual comfort. 

Commercial Downlights come with commercial-grade lighting at 90+ CRI standard. The 4" Series goes up to 4,000 lumens while the 6" Series goes up to 6,000 lumens.

Warm Dim

Warm Dimming Downlights are suitable for both commercial and residential environments. They are particularly popular in the hospitality industry as they provide a combination of a relaxed, intimate and comfortable experience. 

The new Warm Dim 2” Downlights gives off a natural warm glow with up to 1,000 lumens delivered. The color temperature is adjustable scaling from 1800K when dimmed to 300K when set to maximum brightness.

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