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Community Receives State-of-the-Art Healthcare Facility

Esperanza Health Centers went where it was needed most

January 04, 2021
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When the non-profit Esperanza Health Centers began looking for a location for a new community health center, one thing was clear: they would go where they were needed most. 

After opening three other centers serving mainly uninsured and low-income patients in Chicago's Little Village and Chicago Lawn neighborhoods, the organization assessed its capacity and client base and discovered that a major expressway separated Esperanza from almost half of the people using its services. 


Juan Gabriel Moreno Architects


Key Aspects?
In the lobby, Focus Wall Wash was used to turn a feature wall of a natural wood into the central visual touchpoint of the space. Though the ceiling surfaces would remain unfinished, the use of ID+ Cylinders shifter perception by adding an element of both design and lighting.

Special care was needed to illuminate therapy rooms, where Skydome luminaries were chosen for their ability to provide diffuse light and a calming environment. 

As in most modern spaces with unfinished ceilings, acoustics were also a concern. Focal Point's seem 1 Acoustic Unlit helped address noise abatement in waiting areas and corridors without requiring additional changes to the ceiling, while Seem 1 Direct provided striking illumination. 

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