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New Facility Combines Fitness, Care, and Wellbeing Education

January 06, 2021
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Photo: Duda | Paine

Photo: Duda | Paine

Community wellness is based on a public health approach with two assumptions. First, most illnesses are preventable, and second, the community itself contains many solutions to its own health needs and already has the potential to encourage resilience and wellness. Awareness of health and wellness design has risen because of the pandemic, as those with chronic diseases run a greater risk of experiencing complications from the virus.  

Center of Health & Wellbeing, the project is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide comprehensive, preventative, and rehabilitative health and wellness services by bringing together the three realms of fitness, medical care, and wellbeing education into one integrated center.

Winter Park, Florida

Duda | Paine Architects 

Key Aspects? 

Surrounding gardens and walking track open to the public. 

Open, inspiring architecture that uses natural light, materials, and forms to enhance the community’s connection to the healing power of nature.

Interior, multipurpose spaces with the flexibility to provide diverse programs to suit the population’s needs. 

Public spaces, most especially the large, open Commons with its second-floor walking tack and a public café, that facilitate interactions between community members and the center’s staff and resources.  

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