Webinar: Designing for FIRE (On-Demand)

What You Need to Know About Combustibility & Building Codes

January 25, 2021 , by commARCH CEU
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Webinar: Designing for FIRE (On-Demand)

CEU Designing by fire

Fire performance and the common misconceptions on types of Insulation. History, real-world examples, Global Standards, Code Compliance, and actionable insights. This course is presented by industry experts in a digestible, energetic manner.

This on-demand, previously live webinar program is moderated by commARCH with presentations from Kingspan and Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
1 Summarize current industry concepts regarding exterior building cladding, including EIFS, MCM, rain screen systems while identifying some common misconceptions of insulated foam panels

2 Summarize fire history associated with current exterior cladding systems and identify why all insulation does not perform the same.

3 Understand the basics of product vs. assembly testing and global standards for fire testing of full-scale exterior wall assemblies.

Describe the mechanisms for fire spread in exterior wall assemblies and understand the basics of developing a systems approach fire protection strategies for buildings and structures. 


Fire Performance and the common misconceptions on types of insulation. The science and history of fire with real-world examples.


Product v. Assembly testing, global standards and code compliance while while describing mechanisms of fire spread. Systems approach to fire protection strategies for buildings and structures