Dialogue: Matt & Dennis Mockaitis, JINGOLI

Trophy Park’s Leap Forward

January 25, 2021
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commARCH: So, let’s frame this discussion first. It’s about Trophy Park. Your company has been involved with the owners/developers for years, so there is a huge trust already built. And, this project is probably on the most insane timeline, with the most insane conditions, so as we begin, what are your thoughts on Trophy Park and being part of this?
Dennis Mockaitis, JINGOLI: The relationship of Alan Nau [CEO, Trophy Park] with JINGOLI precedes Matt and I. I go back 20 years and Matt around 16. We are bringing a much needed sports facilities to the area. North and South Jersey have huge populations of kids that are interacting with baseball, basketball, soccer… We’re extremely excited to be involved and we are helping them from the development side, the pre-construction, pre-development, pre-planning, right through construction and close out.
Matt Mockaitis, JINGOLI: So, you’ve mentioned, timeline and you’re right. It is a very, very tight timeline for the project. One of the things that we specialize in is fast track construction projects. If it’s a high rise or a sprawling development like this over 200 acres, we’re used to clients that have a challenging schedule. And what comes with that is a lot of logistical planning and then also generally phase construction. So, we try to get either a portion of the development open early and still be able to construct the rest of the development. Or if it’s a high rise, we turn over certain floors on the lower floors first, then allow the common spaces for the employees to get into the building while we’re still building other portions of the building. A lot of our jobs are, I hate to say it, atypically challenged timelines and we’re able to overcome them with pre-planning and good logistics.
commARCH: Trust, shared worked experience, everyone focused on the same high-quality outcome,… it is all part of the Trophy Park DNA isn’t it…
Dennis/JINGOLI: We are 100% Union. We’re not double breasted. We do not operate with non-union contractors. We’re signatory to most, all the national, international unions. Um, we actually have people who sit on boards on the national level of a number of the unions.
Matt/JINGOLI: Our brand is JINGOLI. Under it is a group of companies or subsidiaries. Including DCO Energy, LLC, JINGOLI Power, JET Electrical Testing, JDC Energy Services, LLC, and Goldstar Energy Group, Inc. The family relationship… Joe Sr. down to Joe Jr. and Michael. And then, Michael’s two children who are also involved as well as other cousins and family members. As we say, it is a family business. They encourage it. Dennis and I are obviously father and son. Throughout the company, we have many family members of other members who were in the company who either had an existing relationship, then we hired daughter or son or daughter, or it’s just a legacy employee that has been with us for 30 years. We bring on one of their family members through a recommendation.

JINGOLI – Contractors/Construction Management Since 1922, JINGOLI has been a leader in the development, construction and oversight of complex, large-scale projects throughout the United States. JINGOLI spans over four generations, growing into a multi-state, award winning company with over 1,200 employees.

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