Making a Multi-Resonator

Yellow Goat Design showcases custom lighting and sculpture work at AMLI Park West and Midtown Miami

June 22, 2021 - by commARCH
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Making a Multi-Resonator

Yellow Goat Design

Where did it happen? 
AMLI Park west is part of the AMLI brand portfolio that includes multi-residential properties throughout the United States. AMLI's Miami Midtown multi-residential property is located in the heart of Miami and is poised to attract new residents looking for a more low-key, high-quality lifestyle in a major city.

Who was involved? 
Yellow Goat Design provided 12 lighting and sculptural elements for the 2 spaces. AMLI corporate design was the Design Partner for AMLI Park West. AMLI corporate design and Zyscovich Architects were the Design Parters for AMLI Midtown Miami.

Yellow Goat Design

What was the challenge? 
Ensuring cohesive aesthetic and message-based pieces that integrate effortlessly into the larger design, while working within the budget.

What was the solution? 
YGD design and fabricate lighting, screens and custom designs that have meaning, engage users, communicate stories, and increase bottom lines. You will have a product that is more than just a piece of art. It will be strategically designed and engineered to have a purpose well beyond the aesthetic and a message that is long-lasting.

What were the results? 
These creative spaces are memorable and “resonate” with the people who live and visit here.

What product(s) were involved? 
For AMLI Park West a custom version of our Oh Oh fixture was created that incorporates bird and Biophilic elements that reflect the birds seen on the accompanying greenery wall and blend seamlessly with the uplifting wall graphics.

Yellow Goat Design

In the lobby entry, a homage to vintage Miami design, a custom golden pendant light was created that reflects and amplifies the surrounding gold of the banquettes. The gym houses the Whale fixture in sustainable wood, while the game room stays on-brand with the Crikey Cardboard Croc for the state that is home to "gatortown." At the reception desk you'll find an out of the box, Box Breakout, the Chrysalis, as well as the Ell, Halo, and Cans fixtures. In the elevator bay a dazzling 90 Degrees fixture. The saloon showcases a rustic bronze version of the With a Twist and a Custom Bike Wheel fixture that brands the craft room/bike storage area and speaks to AMLI's core value of promoting bike-centric transport instead of cars. Yellow Goat Design

Yellow Goat Design

About Yellow Goat Design (YGD) 
YGD collaborates with Architects, Designers, and Owners to ensure cohesive aesthetic and message-based pieces that integrate effortlessly into the larger design while working within the budget. With over 20 years of experience and offices around the world, YGD has the expertise and exposure to analyze your business, understand your message, recognize the users of your space, and apply all of this to create a powerful design tailored specifically for you and your environment.
Contact: Cat Gilbert
Number: 917-533-6115

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