Engaging Lighting Design Draws Visitors into Eclectic Downtown Apartment Complex

November 01, 2021 - by commARCH
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Engaging Lighting Design Draws Visitors into Eclectic Downtown Apartment Complex

Where did it happen?
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the location of where Society Las Olas offers rental apartments catering to the needs of individuals looking for the ultimate “live work play” environment.

Who was involved?
The Society Las Olas utilizing the services of HLB Lighting Design Miami Office for their lighting designs that would that would draw passersby to the location.

What was the goal?
To create an environment that would provide a social apartment community in downtown Fort Lauderdale that complements the Society Las Olas’ motto: “Choose Happiness.” They envision a community that attracts residents to their surroundings with an extensive range of amenities and affordable rents suited for individuals seeking the ultimate “live-work-play” lifestyle.

What was done?
To achieve the vision of Society Las Olas, they sought the services of HLB Lighting Design for their lighting designs and aesthetic concepts.

At the parking garage that connects the two residential towers is a massive breezeway dotted by multiple restaurants and retail stores; the developer created a signature lighting experience for the breezeway. Society Las Olas wanted a “Wow Experience” that would entice the passersby, and draw them into the retail plaza.

To provide a uniform illumination at the breezeway Luminis’ CL622 AND CL642 Lumistik fixtures were installed. The use of 24” and 48” high ceiling pendants suspended in random patterns across the cement ceiling were chosen. This was augmented by putting Lumistik’s LED light source contained in acrylic sealed cylinder.

To withstand corrosion of metals and extreme weather in Fort Lauderdale, the breezeway lighting was designed to specifically focus on long-term reliability and durability. The Lumistic pendants are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. To reinforce its stability, special attention was paid in picking the appropriate mounting that can both account for the wind and the vibrations created by moving cars in a parking garage above the breezeway.

The Luminis team proposed a mounting solution whereby a safety cable would be housed inside a secured stem. Since this method was successfully tried on a previous subway tunnel project with comparable wind and vibration conditions, this was adapted for the breezeway.

On the issue of security, it was necessary that lighting conditions should be adjusted to a comfortable level at the downtown location. Since it is a transition space, it's critical that individuals walking from the building to the city streets and vice versa can quickly adjust their vision to preclude with misinterpretation of what they see that may cause harm and danger to them. This concern was addressed by pairing the fixtures to an automatic dimming system with photocell. Luminaires with 3000K color temperature that blend with the adjacent interior lighting served the need. This move ensured that residences and visitors feel safe and secure while navigating through the breezeway toward the residences, shops, and restaurants.

Beyond the breezeway, Lumistik CL640 columns and CL623 bollards illuminate the driveways and pathways around the perimeter of the property. The pool deck on the other hand, features CL640 columns.

What were the results?
Installing lights with catchy designs created a wow experience drawing people in to check out the retail plaza, shops, restaurants, and even the residences for potential buyer of space that fits the lifestyle of “live work play” individuals.

The use of Lumistik pendants which are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy provides a sense of satisfaction and peace for the client for knowing the work was accomplished with long-term reliability and durability as a paramount consideration.

The careful selection of the mounting that accounts for the wind and the vibration of cars at the parking garage above the breezeway sensitively considered the safety and security of those who are going to visit the place.