Unique House Numbers from Atlas Homewares

November 09, 2021 - by commARCH
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Unique House Numbers from Atlas Homewares

The Paragon Collection. Image Credits: Atlas Homewares

New unique house numbers offered by Atlas Homewares from four new collections:
The Traditionalist Collection
The Modern Avalon Collection
The Mission Collection
The Paragon Collection

Why is it needed?
The Traditionalist Collection is perfect for those who love a simplistic matte black look for their home. The Modern Avalon collection serves as a quintessential icing on the cake for mid-century modern homes. The Mission Collection (pictured in the lead photo above) offers an industrial feel with a fun twist. Lastly, the Paragon Collection provides the same mid-century modern feel as the Modern Avalon collection but is available in stainless steel.

Why is it important?
The house number designs can be augmented with artistic door knockers and convenient doorbells. Depending on the desired style, these house numbers can rest flat against the wall, or be raised at 5/8” for optimal shadow effect. Products are sold at licensed dealers; see the Atlas dealer finder for information.