Staron Adds 18 New Colors to 2021 Solid Surface Line

September 02, 2021 - by commARCH
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Staron Adds 18 New Colors to 2021 Solid Surface Line

LOTTE Chemical California, Inc. expands its 2021 line of premium solid surfaces with 18 new additions, available now from the company’s network of North American dealers and distributors.

Why are the latest additions needed?
The new colors deliver the outstanding performance for which Staron is famous – non-porous construction for exceptionally easy cleanup, dimensional flexibility for use in wide-ranging commercial and residential applications, unparalleled durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Each of the 2021 colors adds a new dimension of choice for interior designers, architects, builders, and the residential and commercial customers with whom they collaborate.

Image Credits: Staron


What are its uses?
A new addition to the Evermoin® Collection – Angel White – provides a fresh option engineered for environments that require ultra-hygienic materials. Manufactured to suppress the growth of microbes, including common bacteria, Evermoin surfaces are specifically designed for environments requiring exceptionally-clean conditions – healthcare facilities, retail establishments, and high-traffic office environments.  

Why are the latest products important?
“The popularity of our premium solid-surface line continues to grow among commercial customers and homeowners,” stated John Kim, director of the architectural products team for LOTTE Chemical California, Inc. “We now offer more than 100 superior Staron color and pattern options, capable of meeting the need of almost any application imaginable.”

What do the new collections feature?

The Staron Terrazzo Collection
New Terrazzo patterns feature the old-world look of broken, polished stone, presented in classic aggregate with interesting shapes and textures.

Bologna – a warm collection of dark and light brown aggregate
Torino – a sophisticated mix of black, gray, and white aggregate

The Staron Supreme Collection
An assortment of beautiful, flowing veined patterns that resemble those found in marble and other natural stone.

Arctic White – an undulating combination of light and dark whites

The Staron Solid Collection
Rich single colors for a uniform, clean look or as an accent to other Staron color choices.

Forest – dark, rich, fertile green

Piano Black – elegant polished black
Tusk – concentrated, regal ivory
Cave – mesmerizing matte black
Champagne – light, bouncy beige
Moonstone – rich, layered gray
Ultramarine – deep ocean blue

The Staron Sanded Collection
A selection of dense grain patterns for a subtle, sophisticated look.

Loft – tan with beach-like patterning

The Staron Aspen Collection
A blend of particulate sizes with tone-on-tone chips resembling natural granite.

Altai – sophisticated beige with subtle tan and brown specks
Attica – gray with light and dark speckles
Crema – cream-coloring bejeweled with white flecks

The Staron Pebble Collection
Surfaces with larger particulates creating a visual depth that resembles natural stone.

Crema – rich light-brown fused with light and dark specks
Iceland – crisp gray with a hint of floating white
Straw – tan intermingled with subtle brown markings