MetalWorks™️ Mesh Ceiling Panels from Armstrong Now Available in Larger Sizes

September 14, 2021 - by commARCH
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MetalWorks™️ Mesh Ceiling Panels from Armstrong Now Available in Larger Sizes

Larger panel sizes to MetalWorks™️ Mesh ceiling panels.

New, large format 24" x 48", 24" x 72", and 24" x 96" lay-in ceiling panels are now available as standard for select items in Expanded Metal, Woven Wire, and Welded Wire MetalWorks Mesh patterns in a variety of colors.  

Why is it needed? 
These larger panels offer more options for bringing striking, industrial visuals to interior spaces.   

Key Details
This expanded offering of MetalWorks Mesh items joins the existing line of 24" x 24" panels which includes 32 patterns and a variety of standard colors. Custom patterns and colors are also available. Select 24" x 24" panels are part of the Armstrong®️ FAST134 Program, meaning the panels ship to the job site in four weeks or less. Acoustical infill panel options provide high sound absorption and help conceal elements in the plenum.

Simple Installation
MetalWorks Mesh panels lay in a standard 15/16" suspension system with borders or finished edges, making installation simple. A factory-engineered border around panel edges allows safe, fast installation in the grid system.

MetalWorks Mesh panels are part of the CleanAssure™️ family of products, including disinfectable panels, suspension systems, and trim, that help make spaces cleaner and healthier.

Where can you learn more?
For more information about MetalWorks Mesh ceiling panels, visit If help is needed, reach an Armstrong TechLine expert at