Weather Shield® Expands Luxury Product Lines With New Multi-Slide Door Systems That Minimize Space

Beauty, utility and meticulous craftsmanship are hallmarks of these collections

September 14, 2021 - by commARCH
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Weather Shield® Expands Luxury Product Lines With New Multi-Slide Door Systems That Minimize Space

What is it?
Weather Shield, a leader in the design and innovation of windows and doors, has expanded its Contemporary Collection and Premium Series aluminum-clad wood windows and patio doors with its newly-redesigned multi-slide door systems.

Why is it needed? And What are its uses?
The enhanced line combines improved performances, modern styling, and easy assembly with narrow profiles to ensure expansive, unobstructed views that seamlessly connect living spaces with the great outdoors.

Why is it important?
Customizable to meet nearly every architectural specification, the redesigned multi-slide patio doors are available in traditional stacked configurations or hidden inside a pocket wall to create a seamless transition to the outdoor world

What are the key aspects?
With options up to 57’ 6” wide, Weather Shield’s new multi-slide doors are available with designer hardware and two-panel variations to ensure balanced and clean viewing experiences. The Contemporary Collection comes with narrow stiles and rails that are 3-1/4” wide, while the Premium Series offers a wider 5-1/8” stile and rail with a height range that can be expanded up 12 feet. The panels for both are 2-1/4” thick.

In addition, the redesigned multi-door systems feature strong, secure connections and ultra-smooth operation. Incorporating glass-reinforced, nylon endcaps, the side jambs easily connect to sills using an interlocking dovetail joint and head jambs via a unique click-together system. Other benefits include thermally efficient, pultruded fiberglass frames that help create an ENERGY STAR  and Title 24 compliant door system meeting a 0.30 U-Value.  Internal drainage systems and optional sill risers also provide DP35 performance levels.

Where can you get it?
With a luxurious selection of exterior options and rich wood interior finishes, the new Contemporary and Premium Series multi-slide doors are available for quoting and ordering. Additional product information is available at
About Weather Shield Windows & Doors
Weather Shield Windows & Doors is intelligent design. Weather Shield combines artistry and engineering to create high-end windows and doors that help architects, homebuilders, and homeowners push the boundaries of what’s possible. Founded in 1955 and owned by the Schield family, Weather Shield is based in Medford, Wis.