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Air conditioners, heat pumps

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0606hvac06pThe Echelon line of air conditioners and heat pumps now includes products for light commercial use. The line uses a number of technologies that ensure quiet, environmentally friendly operation. The company’s WhisperDrive system combines a swept-wing fan design and high-efficiency scroll compressor technology to reduce noise and provide quiet, enery-efficient operation that delivers precise temperature and humidity control. The EcoTrak comfort system offers customized comfort performance specific to the climate in which units operate. The units use R-410A refrigerant; have efficiency ratings of 13, 14, 15, and 16.5; and are Energy-Star qualified. Series heat pumps are available in gas/electric or electric/electric configurations for year-round comfort. Cabinets for the units are made from galvanized steel.
Coleman, Norman, OK

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