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Expanded railing line

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0910ext11pDesignRail aluminum railing line has expanded to include series 350 and 400. The 350 series uses an elliptical shape; the 400 series provides a slender, 3/4-in.-thick profile to which wood or composite tops can be attached. The railing line can be cut and assembled on-site using snap-and-screw components. Cap rails and stanchions are made from aluminum alloy that contains 40% pre- and 30% post-consumer recycled content. Applications include guardrails, gates, and fences in interior, exterior, residential, and commercial settings. Infill can be customized with options including tempered-glass panels, aluminum pickets, and vertical or horizontal cables. Components are available in eight standard colors with more than 200 custom colors possible.
Feeney Inc., Oakland, CA

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