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Fire sprinkler products

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0104plumb03pA 68-page catalog describes more than 250 sprinkler-based fire protection products for commercial and residential installations, and more than 1,200 items used to fabricate fire protection systems. Among the sprinklers described in the catalog are bulb- and solder-type standard-response units, quick-response sprinklers, extended-coverage sprinklers in both standard and quick-response configurations, and storage and dry units. Sprinkler accessories include various escutcheons, guards/shields, and wrenches. Charts list the various nozzles for the sprinkler heads. Also described are wet and dry system valves; check, butterfly, and trim valves; pipe-line strainers; identification signs; pipe hangers; grooved piping products; and a variety of flow and pressure, tamper, and alarm switches. The catalog also includes diagrams and descriptions of various systems. Software programs are offered for fire system design, hydraulic calculations, and dry pipe water delivery calculations.
Tyco Fire & Building Products, Lansdale, PA

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