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Green roofs

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0609ext24pThe Green Grid system provides a simple design of pre-planted growth media for roofs placed in movable, modular trays. An alternative to more complex systems, a typical system uses a 4-in.-deep tray available in 2 x 2-ft., 4 x 4-ft., and 40 x 40-in. sizes. Providing stormwater management, air and water purification, sound insulation, added aesthetic value, and contributing to reduced urban-heat-island effects, the system is easily installed on top of the roof. The trays are easy to handle, can be installed quickly, and support sedum and other plants. The company’s roofing contractors are able to install the system over EPDM or TPO roofing systems. This technology permits the contractor to install the whole assembly, as well as provide a single-source warranty.
Carlisle SynTec Inc., Carlisle, PA

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