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Modular green roofs

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0407ext01pThe GreenGrid roofing system offers a modular design that arrives at a worksite planted and ready for installation. The system can be brought to a roof using a building elevator or an outside crane. The interlocking modules are composed of 60% post-industrial recycled HDPE plastics. Three module sizes are available, with the 2- x 4-ft. module standard. Custom modules are also available. Modules are produced in 2-, 4-, and 8-in. depths, with respective planted wet weights of 10-, 15-, and 28-lb./ft2. While the modules are placed directly on the roofing membrane, they rest approximately 1/2 in. above the membrane surface, allowing sufficient clearance for precipitation runoff and air circulation. The 1/2-in. spacing also eliminates the need to replace or upgrade roof drains. The modular design simplifies the processes of repairing or replacing roofs because the modules can be removed without disturbing the plantings and replaced after the roof is restored. The 4-in.-deep modules support grasses, sedums, and wildflowers. The 8-in.-deep modules support a variety of ornamental perennials and shrubs. Options include drip-irrigation systems, recycled-content lightweight pavers, edge treatments, and water features. The company also offers engineering, landscape, and design assistance; installation; and maintenance services.
Weston Solutions Inc., Chicago, IL

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