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Security backup power

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0803sec10pPower control systems provide emergency/backup power needed to keep critical security equipment up and running in the event of a loss of utility feed. Without an emergency/backup system, the loss of utility feed for even a short time could render security systems useless and compromise the security of a site. Low- and medium-voltage, on-site backup power systems feature single or multiple generators. These systems will automatically pick up critical loads if normal power is lost, to keep security equipment on-line, and help ensure site security. PLC controls automatically start and stop prime movers, annunciate prime-mover status and alarms, and control priority loads. Systems also include synchronizing switchgear and sensors to monitor pertinent data from generator sets and the overall system. Optional control capabilities include load demand (for fuel management) and integrated SCADA and simulation. Controls are available for any type of prime mover, including diesel engines and gas, steam, or hydro turbines. In addition to emergency power, system designs may include a variety of sophisticated control functions such as cogeneration, peak shaving, load curtailment, and utility paralleling for open-transition transfer and live-source, closed-transition transfer. Closed-transition transfer allows retransfer and system testing without disturbing the load. All power systems are UL listed and are designed and built in accordance with ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA standards.
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