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Three-phase uninterruptible power supply

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0903bp02pFirstLine UPS line, includes a 37.5-kVA model: • Provides computer-grade power quality at a price that is reportedly 20% to 30% below comparable kVA models • Has a standard battery run-time of more than 6 min., with optional batteries for virtually unlimited run time, despite its small footprint and low weight • Transformerless power technology provides reliable blackout protection and power conditioning • Front-end harmonic correction eliminates the need for additional filtering, lowering the cost of operation • Double-conversion technology protects the connected load from sags, swells, harmonics, noise, and voltage imbalances without going to battery operation • Applications for the UL1778-listed UPS include data centers; broadcast and computer networks; hospitals; medical and education research facilities; and water/wastewater treatment and manufacturing plants.
Staco Energy Products Co., Dayton, OH

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