Dean Horowitz

Dean Horowitz

Chief Product Officer/ President

Dean has spent his career connecting with audiences through contemporary media/communication practices, research, data, events, audience development, and big, profitable ideas. He is experienced with start-ups and Fortune 100 brands. He has been recognized in FOLIO, Publishing Executive, MeetingNet, and within diverse industries such as building & construction, beauty, agriculture, woodworking, consumer enthusiast brands, and home furnishings.

The Latest from Dean

Regional Landscaper Evolving into Branding and Business Model for other Commercial Markets

Yardnique, recently named as the 8th fastest growing landscape design and maintenance company in America by Landscape Management Magazine, has revitalized its brand identity as part of its aggressive growth plans to propel the company into national prominence. Currently with operations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, the company introduced a new corporate identity, website and communications program in an effort to bolster its expansion across the southeast.

The Evolving Workplace

A conversation with Gensler, Room & Board and Cambria on how the future office will be “open section” and better for our health, well-being and the environment.

Total Solution

As building product manufacturers have evolved so must their organizational structures. Fortress went from five separate business units that operated as their own entity, into “Fortress Building Products” as one business and one platform.

A Conversation with Thomas Barone, President of Hospitality for Trophy Park

In a recent podcast, Thomas Barone, President of Hospitality for Trophy Park, enthusiastically expressed the attitude of the Trophy Park team…

Kastle Systems Releases KastleSafeVideo

Kastle Systems, a managed security services provider, has introduced KastleSafeVideo: a remote video platform that bolsters facility security while reducing operational costs.

ShapeDriver and Swarm to Merge

ShapeDriver and Swarm have announced plans to merge and become the largest software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for accessing and sharing parametric designs.

Helix Apartments Opens in Summit Pointe

Development of the Summit Pointe mixed-use project in Chesapeake, Va. is making steady progress following the opening of its first residential community.

Through the Looking Glass

A global healthcare software developer's wildly themed corporate headquarters is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass.

May/June 2020 Issue is about

May/June 2020 Issue is about

There’s inherent risk involved with building envelope, and it’s the duty of an architect to design a system that reduces this risk of failure.

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Cities and Farms are Connected

One of the byproducts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic upheaval and social unrest that followed it, has been ...

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This commARCH White Paper focuses on how Wood shows psychological and physiological benefits, according to research. Wood has been used as a building material for millennia, but its benefits to people who live, work, and gather in the built environment are only beginning to be understood. Researchers are discovering that wood can contribute to the health and wellbeing of building occupants. While many people would agree that wood is visually pleasing, its aesthetic properties affect humans on a deeper level. Can the use of natural elements in building design enhance moods and reduce stress? Can they improve focus, creating environments that enhance productivity and learning? In this white paper, we’ll examine the benefits of an emerging design approach, and the science behind it