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Seeing the Entire Picture

October 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 changed commercial architecture, especially offices and other workplaces. Almost overnight, employers sent all of their office workers home, and offices sat empty for moths. By summer, some employers began bringing people back into offices. Naturally, many people were nervous about returning to work amid a still-active pandemic. As companies cobbled together plans and jerry-rigged offices to encourage employees to maintain distances and stay safe, questions began to emerge about the long term. What will offices look like in one, two or five years from now? To find out, we spoke to Daniel Montroy, AIA, and Steven Andersen, who are partners at Montroy Andersen DeMarco. Montroy and Andersen spoke about how architects can work within the “new normal,” not only in the designs they create, but also in how they work with clients. They described the technology and tools they use to keep projects moving, even in times of social distancing.

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